Has Robbie thrown in the towel to end pool row with Jimmy Page?



dmg media (UK)


Emily Prescott

IT HAS been one of the most bitter and long-running disputes in recent showbusiness history – pitting legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page against his neighbour, former Take That singer Robbie Williams, in a battle over a basement. But now it looks like Williams has finally thrown in the towel. Friends say that ‘it has got to the point where it just has to end’. One tells me: ‘Works have stopped, the council has said they have to. It is now all back to pretty much the beginning in terms of applications and now you just can’t see it recommencing.’ And Robbie’s lawyers have written to the council saying: ‘Construction works have currently ceased and will not be recommenced at the present time.’ Williams has downed tools at his 46-room mansion in Holland Park, West London, eight years after he began to seek permission to build an underground pool and spa. Work has been halted after the planning application was reopened following a legal instruction that Williams must apply for the deeds of his property to be changed for the building work to go ahead. Last September, builders finally began the work on the £17million house he bought from the late Sir Michael Winner, despite being told they would have to dig with handtools to avoid any damage to Page’s 1875 Grade I-listed mansion next door, named The Tower House. Now the Angels singer’s friend says: ‘On top of all of the paperwork, you have to remember that Robbie’s builders are digging with hand tools to avoid vibrations and subsequent damage to Jimmy’s house. It has taken up so much of Robbie’s energy and life is short.’ After Williams, 49, bought the mansion, he spent three years renovating it before moving in, and later made repeated applications for the spa over three years. He currently lives in LA with his wife Ayda and their four children, after buying a mansion there for £38 million last year.