Good luck to Gunn... but this is no glove affair



dmg media (UK)


ANGUS GUNN’S sister put out a charming video of him during the week, sporting the philibeg as a child, getting a Hibs kit as a present and sitting on the couch in his Scotland gear. Anyone who has spoken to dad Bryan down the years will know he was always chipping away at his boy to commit to the dark blue. Yet, the truth is that Angus wanted to play for England, so here’s hoping there is no attempt to rewrite history when the Norwich goalkeeper convenes with the squad this week for the games against Cyprus and Spain. ‘I have always focused on England,’ he admitted during his days with their Under-21s. And that’s totally fine. Just as Steve Clarke picking him is totally fine. The rules are the rules and, if Gunn can help Scotland while Scotland helps Gunn, everyone’s a winner. But let’s not dress this up into something it isn’t, please.