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There’s an amazing £1,500 prize for the first correct solution drawn at random in our general knowledge Prize Crossword. Entries must arrive by Friday, March 24 (photocopies not accepted). Today’s solution will appear next week and the winner’s name on Sunday, April 9. SEE BELOW THE GRID for details on how to enter. Across 10 The capital city of Colombia, on a central plateau of the East Andes (6) 11 --- Police, the organisation responsible for the policing of Greater London (12) 12 In folklore, a giant who eats human flesh (4) 13 --- Simnel, imposter who claimed to be the Earl of Warwick during the reign of Henry VII (7) 14 John ---, Scottish novelist and politician whose books include The Thirty-Nine Steps (6) 15 French writer whose works include the novella Gigi (7) 16 Mythical lizard-like creatures supposed to live in fire (11) 20 Daniel ---, chairman of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur (4) 21 A form of a language spoken in a particular geographical area (7) 22 An injury or wound (6) 23 Any bone of the wrist (6) 25 and 30 Down British boxer; former world heavyweight champion and 2012 Olympic gold medallist (7,6) 27 A slice of mutton, lamb or pork (4) 28 Olivia --- ---, actress who won an Oscar for the 1946 film To Each His Own (2,9) 29 Driven or forced out (7) 32 Catherine ---, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, beheaded in 1542 (6) 35 Charles, 19th-Century author of Oliver Twist and Great Expectations (7) 36 Kevin ---, twice Prime Minister of Australia (2007-10, 2013) (4) 37 --- --- FC, Scottish Premiership football club who play their home games at Tannadice Park (6,6) 38 British trade union representing local government, healthcare and other workers (6) Down 1 A large corporation consisting of a group of companies dealing in widely diversified goods or services (12) 2 The Earl of ---, Liberal politician who was Prime Minister 1894-95 (8) 3 Small folding case for holding paper money (6) 4 One of the five basic tastes, the savoury flavour of glutamates (5) 5 The cheapest accommodation on a passenger ship (8) 6 A shortening of a word (11) 7 Toothed device used for tidying hair (4) 8 The US equivalent of postcodes (3,5) 9 17 A narrow lane or passage between or behind buildings (5) 18 Mostly evergreen shrub originally native to South Asia, with clusters of showy red, purple, pink or white flowers (12) 19 The sport of free flying using a specially designed fabric wing (11) 21 and 9 The former head of the Tibetan government in exile, who retired in March 2011 (5,4) 24 Printed or written notices for public display (8) 26 A stubborn or persistent quality (8) 27 A member of a family of creeping flowering plants that includes the pumpkin, cucumber, squashes and gourds (8) 30 See 25 Across 31 A high area of flat grassy land with very few trees in southern Africa (5) 33 An artistic composition, especially a musical work (4) 34 Nancy ---, fictional detective in a series of mystery books written under the pen name Carolyn Keene (4) See 21