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Unions plan all-out war on strike law

UNIONS are threatening a fresh round of misery for the public after pledging all-out war with the Government to crush a new law to provide minimum levels of service during strikes.

A special TUC conference yesterday attended by leaders of the biggest unions agreed to build ‘mass opposition’ to the law.

The TUC also committed to ‘novel and effective forms of industrial action’ to fight the crackdown, such as action short of strikes and overtime bans.

Regulations are now in place for the railways, Border Force and ambulance service to ensure minimum service during strikes.

The TUC said it will not rest till the ‘malicious’ law is axed and welcomed Labour’s commitment to repeal it within 100 days.

Unions will start a nationwide campaign to name and shame employers who issue ‘work notices’ to staff during strikes.

Yesterday’s conference followed 18 months of strikes by hundreds of thousands of workers.

TUC chief Paul Nowak said: ‘If the Tories have their way, it won’t just be public sector workers who face the sack for striking, but workers across the economy.’





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