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...but men love the natural look too

By Roger Dobson

STARS such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway are often commended for embracing the make-up free look.

But scientists now say that men find the natural look just as sexually desirable as when women slap on the lipstick and mascara.

The new research, based on speeddating events, found that women who wore little or no make-up held just as much allure to potential partners as those wearing cosmetics.

‘Surprisingly, we found that men did not have greater sexual interest in women wearing more cosmetics as compared to women wearing less,’ said psychologist Professor Bryan Koenig of Southern Utah University, who led the study, reported in EvoS Journal.

Previous research has suggested that make-up, especially red lipstick, made women more attractive. One theory is that this is because red lips stir evolutionary signals that a woman is ovulating.

The study saw psychologists quiz 200 men about their attraction to women at speed-dating events. One group of women wore foundation, eye make-up and red lipstick, while the second group were asked to come to the event with little to no make-up on.

At the end of the events, the men were asked if they were sexually interested in each woman. The results showed no difference in the ratings between women with and without make-up.

Psychotherapist Phillip Hodson said: ‘The results show that whether a woman is wearing full slap or not makes no difference to men when it comes to her sexual desirability.

‘What stirs male desire remains a sophisticated sensual mystery, a mix of physical shape, facial expression, pheromones, accent, humour and conversation.

‘The survey proved that what we fancy varies with the individual.’





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