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ACCORDING to Israel’s most senior British-born politician, the ‘woke’ Left have formed a ‘toxic alliance’ with Islamists to stoke anti-Semitism in Britain. I told you that nearly 17 years ago in a documentary I made for Channel 4. now you see it on the streets every weekend. Back then, few people were listening. Let’s hope they’re listening now.

■ WHILE 70,000 freeloaders attend the Cop 28 jolly-up in Dubai, the North of england and Scotland are experiencing heavy snowfalls. So no change there, then. elsewhere, the RAC warned motorists to watch out for ‘icerink Monday’ and london’s two-bob chancer of a mayor Genghis Khan declared a ‘severe weather emergency’ after half a dozen snowflakes fell on the Strand last Friday.

Yet again, the Met Office has gone into Armageddon mode, talking hysterically about ‘Thundersnow’ and ‘Weatherbombs’. Oh, and some reindeer have been spotted on the A11 in West Suffolk.

This has nothing to do with ‘climate change’. it’s called winter.

Needless to say, the Cop 28 crowd are having a whale of a time in the desert, with not a snowflake in sight. Many of them went by private jet, so they could discuss how to stop the rest of us flying anywhere.

Back home, the hideous wind turbines designed to waft us to Net Zero have stopped turning because the big freeze has brought with it eerily still air. One chink of light has come from the new President of Cop 28, an Arab oil minister from the UAe, who let slip that phasing out fossil fuels is unrealistic ‘unless you want to take the world back into caves’. Which is exactly what the extinction Rebellion muppets do seem to want.

Meanwhile the weathermen have come up with a new menace: Yellow Rain. Never heard of it, but with so many motorists stranded by the side of the road Oop North, you’d be wise to give the yellow snow a miss.

In tIme for Christmas, the world’s smelliest cheese has gone on sale at Asda. Called ‘minger’, it’s a Brie-style fromage which has won approval from foodies. Cheesemaker Rory Stone said it ‘smells meaty, cabbagey’ and there’s ‘no nice way’ to describe its aroma, the result of it being washed in a solution of Brevibacterium — the microbe responsible for sweaty feet — then left to mature for two months. Just one question: Why?





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