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George has the tax factor!

GORGEOUS George Clooney braved the red carpet in a downpour in London on sunday and won yet more hearts as, chivalrous as ever, he held an umbrella over his beautiful, clever wife Amal.

The couple were at the screening of the film he’s directed, The Boys in The Boat. it tells the story of the university of Washington’s rowing team going for gold in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin — but was filmed at the Cotswold Water Park. This is undoubtedly because of the UK’s generous film taxrelief scheme which allows companies that film here to claim a cash tax rebate of up to 25 per cent.

it’s why we are the european hub for film-making and, on occasion, have more big screen works-in-progress than hollywood.

it would be nice if a beneficiary of the scheme — George, are you reading this? — could, for once, credit the Government for its largesse. if they don’t value it, they could one day lose it.





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