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Ephraim Hardcastle


KING Charles, having just formally renamed his three principal charities, must be lamenting the estrangement of his son Harry. The Prince’s Foundation becomes the King’s Foundation, the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund becomes the King Charles III Charitable Fund and the Prince’s Trust is now the King’s Trust. Charles had hoped that William – and Harry – would continue his work, with The Prince’s Trust retaining its name under their joint command. While William made it clear he wants to pursue his own enterprises, wouldn’t exiled Harry have been ideal to assume the mantle of his Dad’s favourite charity?

DESPITE Dominic West’s garden designer wife Catherine Fitzgerald’s proximity to King Charles – she has helped him on projects in Belfast and Dumfries – it hasn’t aided her husband’s portrayal of Charles in The Crown. ‘I did meet him at a party,’ West explains – adding that the exchange happened before he took on the Netflix role. ‘Unfortunately… because I’d have loved to have scrutinised him in the flesh!’ He laughs: ‘I haven’t had any dealings since then, and now I don’t suppose I ever will.’

SUCCESSION star Brian Cox’s irritation with being mistaken for Professor Brian Cox overflowed at an awards ceremony when his namesake approached the stage to present a gong. ‘So he’s doing the prize for the best actress and I think “Why’s he doing the prize?”’ recalls Brian. ‘So when they went “and the prize will be presented by Brian Cox”, I got up and we both met on the podium. And I said “What are you doing here?” He said, “Well, I’ve got to present this prize.” I said, “Why? Are you a member of this profession?” I said, “I am. You’re a physicist, you shouldn’t be presenting this.” It was very funny.’ Did the other Brian laugh?

LUCY Worsley, pictured, reveals that Sherlock Holmes writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle loathed his creation and would have hated the fact that 93 years after his death his historical novels are forgotten, while his Baker Street detective remains beloved. She tells Radio Times that in 1893 he felt he had made enough money from Holmes and had him fall to his death over a Swiss waterfall. ‘A decade later,’ Lucy adds, ‘Arthur was lured to resurrect him when an American publisher offered him the equivalent of $1.6million. He wrote a story revealing that Holmes had survived the waterfall after all!’

SCOTTISH crime writer Val McDermid laments the absence of kindred sapphic company in her youth, telling Woman & Home magazine: ‘There were no lesbians in my circle of friends. I’ve often said that you’d have more chance of finding a unicorn in Fife.’

KING Charles recycling Buckingham Palace curtains as fashionable garments may be sending a subliminal message to his errant son. Could it be a case of: pull yourself together Harry?





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