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Keir’s a ‘conservative’ just like Blair. What bilge

I REMEMBER Sir Anthony Blair being sold round the conservative parts of the British media, back in 1996. He admired Mrs Thatcher, we were told. He was really pretty conservative, tough on crime etc.

I was amazed (and actually gnashed my teeth, an unpleasant sensation) as I watched apparently intelligent people fall for this bilge. He and his aides were obviously just saying it, and were so profoundly cynical that they did not care what they said. In subtitles to an Election broadcast in May 1997 they would go on to lie that the Tories would abolish the state pension, a falsehood so disgusting that I am amazed it is not more widely known.

At that time the Labour machine were guarding a secret so dangerous that it would not come out for decades. Blair himself had been a Trotskyist at Oxford (we still know very little about this episode) and a large share of his senior colleagues had similar revolutionary backgrounds, in those days kept carefully hidden. The Blair government would turn out to be the most radical since Cromwell, vandalising the constitution, breaking up the Kingdom, launching a huge sexual revolution.

Well, ignore this pitiful attempt to suggest that Sir Keir is a bit of a Tory. He is no such thing. As I explained on BBC Question Time on Thursday night, to the usual gasps of disbelief, he too has a deeply radical past and has said plainly that he does not in any way disown it.

Given the power to do so, he will transform this country for the worse, as Blair did.

Don’t believe me? You will, but only when it is too late.

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