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QUOTES of the week

I was at the British Independent Film Awards this week and they had f ****** Beetroot Wellington. We all gotta be vegan now?

Actor Ray Winstone demands some red meat.

Rizz Oxford University Press’s

Word of the Year – defined as charm or attractiveness – a shortened form of ‘charisma’ used by Generation Z.

I had kind of hoped to come across a bit like an English musical version of Tom Cruise and instead I just come across as Alan Partridge.

James Blunt on his new documentary One Brit Wonder, filmed while the singer was on tour in 2022.

We’re not moving our date. If you’re scared to be up against us then you move your date.

Margot Robbie’s response to Oppenheimer producer Chuck Rose after he urged her not to release Barbie on the same day as his blockbuster.

No longer are we a hard-working nation of shopkeepers who get up at the crack of dawn. Today, there’s a ‘Back In 15 Minutes’ sign on the door.

Hospitality boss Hugh Osmond, who believes the Covid furlough scheme has ruined the country’s work ethic.

To be honest, I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

Chef Michel Roux Jr, soon to serve his millionth Souffle Suissesse at Le Gavroche.

‘It looks like an ordinary Advent calendar but all the doors have been opened for you by your dads’ friends.’

Penny Mordaunt jokes about her favourite festive gift – ‘a creative collaboration by all the Old Etonians in Parliament’.

‘Did you hear about the Christmas cake on display in the British Museum? It was stollen.’

TV comedy channel Gold reveals its Christmas cracker joke of the year.

I wasn’t flipping the bird at viewers.

BBC News’ Maryam Moshiri, who was caught on camera sticking up her middle finger in a joke with the production team.

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