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How you can cut costs on healthcare products

ThIS week: Athlete’s foot remedies

SPEND: Canesten Athlete’s Foot Dual Action Cream, 30g, £5.65,

SAVE: Clotrimazole 1% Cream, 20g, £2.39, PHARMACIST Ben Merriman says: ‘When the balance of fungal cells which naturally live on our skin is upset — for example, when our feet get too hot and moist over a sustained period — it creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow, causing athlete’s foot (symptoms include itchiness, especially between the toes, and flakiness or softening of the skin). There are two main medical treatments: antifungals made with azoles (such as clotrimazole) or terbinafine. They work slightly differently but ultimately stop the fungal cells growing.

‘Any cream alone will not work without good foot hygiene: this means drying feet properly, wearing non-synthetic socks and keeping toenails short to reduce risk of infection. Both products here contain clotrimazole — I’d be happy using either, though the generic version is better value for money.’





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