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She took Harry’s drug in bid to fight her demons

THE hallucinogenic drug that Prince Harry said helped him overcome the trauma of Diana’s death also wiped out Jada Pinkett Smith’s depression, she claims. In her interview with You magazine, the Matrix actress describes how a friend had recommended the plantderived psychoactive drink ayahuasca, which is believed to have therapeutic properties.

Prince Harry references the drug in his memoir, Spare, claiming it was ‘fundamental’ to his recovery from the grief of losing his mother.

Pinkett Smith says after taking it she had a hallucinogenic trip that lasted four days, and was initially terrifying as she believed she was walking through a jungle filled with snakes. But on the fourth day she experienced a breakthrough.

‘And I never felt suicidal again,’ she says. ‘It allowed me to experience incredible universal love and made me the mother I wanted to be.’

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