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Unwrap better health this Christmas

Here’s our pick of intriguing gifts that put wellbeing first


Heatbag, £55,

MADE of memory foam and covered in a soft jersey cover, this is an upgrade on a traditional hot water bottle — just heat the inner clay-filled liner in the microwave for 35 seconds. It can also be used for cold therapy by keeping it in the freezer.

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini, £89,

ABOUT the size of a tennis ball, use this vibrating massage ball to ease sore or stiff muscles in any part of the body whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down. It can be set to one of three different intensities and, on a single charge, this lightweight device should last for at least two hours.

Veritable Classic Garden, £119.90,

BOOST the chances of hitting your five-aday with this mini self-sufficient garden. With LED lighting, irrigation (from a tank that stores three weeks’ worth of water) and nutrients (pre-packed into the base) automatically controlled, the garden — which is the size of a small shoe box — doesn’t even need to be near a window, as it has its own light source.

Steambox — The Self-Heating Lunchbox, £174,

THIS innovative lunch box can reheat all types of food using steam in about 15 minutes. Pour water over the heating element in the base, then place the stainless steel container with your food on top. LED lights will indicate when it’s ready. You can also control it using a smartphone app.

Wellness journal, £26,

WITH a University of Tokyo study in 2019 concluding that physically writing on paper rather than using technology leads to more brain activity, a journal can have hidden benefits beyond being just a space to process your thoughts and feelings.

Medjool Date Boat, 200g, £10.95,

THE Medjool dates in this stylish tray provide about ten different minerals, which add up to around 15 per cent of our recommended daily intake — these include selenium, which helps our immune system; and potassium, for good nerve and muscle function. Dates are also high in fibre.

Healthy Back Bag, from £49,

UP TO 60 per cent of the adult population suffers from back pain at some point, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. This bag is ergonomically designed so it ‘hugs the natural curve of the back, evenly d i stributing weight down the spine’, which the makers say puts ‘less stress on the neck, back and also shoulders’.

Momo Kombucha Gut Health Hamper, £50,

KOMBUCHA — a fizzy, sweet fermented tea — is low in sugar and contains probiotics (‘good’ bacteria). This hamper also includes kimchi — fermented vegetables that can boost gut bacteria diversity.

Primal Performance Series Balance Trainer, £89.99,

OUR sense of balance can deteriorate with age — stand on this dome-shaped cushion (or flip it over to make a wobble board) to improve your balance and stability. Search online for exercises to try on it.

Brooks Ghost Max, £140,

FOR the keen runner — or walker — this newly launched trainer from the Brooks range has extra foam cushioning and technology that helps reduce the impact on the foot’s soft tissue while pounding the streets.

Forest Lungs, 50ml, £78,

FOREST bathing is the Japanese practice of relaxing by observing and breathing in nature.

This calming fragrance provides woodland smells such as cedarwood and pine, apparently replicating the effect of phytoncides, the organic compounds produced by trees that are thought to be help stress-relieving — handy if you can’t get outdoors.

Joy for All Walker Squawker, £59.99,

THIS animatronic bird can be clipped on to a walking device such as a Zimmer frame to encourage the user to keep moving. Its sensors detect movement and will chirp along with one of six songs when the user moves. When the gadget senses that walking has stopped, it sings a different song to remind the owner to keep on the move.

Weighted Robe, £129,

WEIGHTED blankets have become popular as a way of gaining a better night’s sleep — the idea is that the pressure reduces stress and anxiety, helping you relax. A weighted robe is more versatile, as you can wear it day or night — choose one of three different weights up to 2kg.

Organic Mini Honey Gift Set (3 40g jars), £14,

THIS honey comes from the Hungarian countryside. It is unprocessed and unpasteurised, so is said to retain more of honey’s natural, healthy compounds, such as vitamins and minerals. This set includes a wooden serving spoon.





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