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Why PJs are for high-fliers

THINK PJs are pyjamas? Then you’re moving in the wrong circles.

Toffs’ Bible Tatler has released a list of modern abbreviations you’ll need to mix among Britain’s elite – for whom a PJ is actually a private jet.

Similarly, UN is not the United Nations but that greatest of modern insults, an ‘ugly nepobaby’ – a star’s child cashing in on their fame – and TMI doesn’t mean ‘too much information’, but something far worse: ‘too many influencers’.

TME has changed from ‘too many Etonians’ to ‘too much exposure’ and BITC is no longer ‘bored in the country’ but Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

And FILTH isn’t ‘failed in London, try Hong Kong’, but rather ‘flatless in London, try going home’.

5HS refers to posh London members’ club 5 Hertford Street, where you may spot a UN or two but definitely no MCMs – ‘middle-class monsters’.





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