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Great test kits – but then what?

YOU can now get an HIV selftest kit at Tesco.

Launched at the end of last month, it costs £18 and, using a drop of blood, will give a result in under 15 minutes.

Broadly speaking, I’m all for this. Back in the ’90s, when I was a medical student, HIV testing had to be done in hospitals and involved ominous consultations with nurses and doctors. The process was unpleasant and uptake not great.

Fast forward to now, we have highly effective treatments and Prince Harry doing these instant finger-prick HIV tests in front of the world’s media.

It does a great deal to remove the stigma that prevents people seeking testing, being diagnosed and getting medical help. I have one concern: as with all DIY tests, there has to be some sort of rapid support in place for people with positive results.

It’s far from ideal having a home test that gives a worrying results if patients then need to wait days for a GP appointment for a proper diagnosis. I hope Tesco has thought about this.





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