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There can be only one sauce for Christmas!

Jane Smith, Chesterfield, Derbys.

Christmas is fast approaching — sorry folks, but it is! and i’d like to lament an item that these days seems to be sadly missing from our plate of Christmas dinner: bread sauce. i love bread sauce. i’m 70 and still have fond memories of my late gran’s home-made bread sauce. the thought of it still makes my mouth water! she made her own stuffing, too, which was also delicious. i know that we still have the stuffing on our plates — but where’s the bread sauce? it has been replaced by an usurper from the U.s: cranberry sauce. Don’t get me wrong, i like cranberry sauce. But not as much as bread sauce. ideally, i’d like my roast turkey smothered in bread sauce, with cranberry sauce on the side.

Every time we go for a Christmas meal in a restaurant, cafe or community centre, what do we get? Cranberry sauce!

Bring back the traditional bread sauce, please!





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