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Munchkin Bluetooth Swing £180

This baby chair can be set to oscillate, mimicking the rocking a parent might be just too knackered to do at times. It also weighs less than 9lb and can be packed down flat, making storage easy.

SNOObie Smart Soother £69.95

A cute machine that emits a range of soothing sounds from white noise – think the gentle hum of a fan – to lullabies, which help ease little ones to sleep. It can also be programmed to light up at a certain time to gently wake them up.

Nanit Pro Camera, Wall Mount & Breathing Band £299.99

For parents who want to keep an eye on their infant 24/7, this overhead camera won’t miss a moment, and the attached band can even monitor breathing rate.

Dreambaby Duck Room & Bath Digital Thermometer £12

Find the perfect water temperature at bathtime with this fun, floating, thermometer. There’s a flashing indicator when it’s too hot, and it checks room temperature, too.





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