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I am recently separated and not coping well. My husband has told me he doesn’t love me any more but insists no one else is involved. He said I had changed – that I’d become very critical and fault-finding, never had time for sex and was not loving. I was distraught and furious when he told me, but the sad truth is I now know he was right. We have three children, aged from ten to 14, one with

Qsevere dyslexia, and I had become exhausted. Now he has them every other weekend and once a week and I finally have time to myself, I can see I was on edge and took it out on him. But I am devastated about the loss of my marriage and want a second chance. He says it’s too late.

I am so sorry. Of course you A feel devastated. But I don’t know why you are taking all the blame for this. Looking after three young children is exhausting. On top of that, severe dyslexia can be destructive to self-esteem and that child alone will have required a lot of your support. Where was your husband in all this? If he can manage the children every other weekend and one night a week now, I wonder why he wasn’t giving you that support when you were still together and you were clearly exhausted. Sadly, it may be too late to repair the damage, but perhaps your husband might go to counselling with you now that you recognise what the problems were. Try not to see your husband as faultless – maybe you both needed more from the marriage. If he won’t go with you, please have counselling yourself (via or as you need emotional support; you sound very low and quite possibly depressed.





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