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■ NANA AKUA (Mail) nailed it in five words: ‘Discussing race is not racist.’

Christine Walpole, llangollen, Denbighshire.

■ I THOUGHT there was a cure for scobies. Keith Wells, heathfield, e.sussex.

■ IS SASKIA PEETERS, the Dutch translator of Omid Scobie’s book Endgame, allowed to say the names were there in black and white? Maurice o’Brien, reading, Berks.

■ THE Sussexes’ silence speaks volumes. Robert DeWar, Beeford, e. Yorks.

■ THE only time most off-road vehicles go off road is when they park on the pavement. John McCorMiCK, ormskirk, lancs.

■ HAS car insurance gone up by 30 per cent to cover EVs that may spontaneously combust? a. Jarvis, stockport, Cheshire.

■ IS TONY BLACKBURN still radioactive? oliver Walsh, Basingstoke, hants.

■ ARE we about to bear witness to the biggest inverted pyramid of Johnsonian piffle yet? Howard Thomas, reading, Berks.

■ NEXT year, Cop29 should be hosted by China, Russia or India. samuel Farooq, london sW17.

■ NOT only should the King invite Harry and Meghan for Christmas, he should invite them to every event. Love-bomb them, I say.

J. Palmer, King’s lynn, norfolk.

■ SAINSBURY’S sells shin beef, which makes a delicious stew (Letters). irene Bibby, Brighton, e. sussex.

■ CHILDCARE shortage (Mail)? You wanted the children. Now look after them.

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