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Delay in tragic payout

Ms R.M. writes: My daughter died suddenly last April. Having found a Sun Life Financial of Canada personal pension statement in her papers, I notified the company last June and supplied an interim death certificate as her death had been referred to the Coroner. In August, the company said it had a claims backlog. In October, it asked for the final death certificate, which I sent. In November, I complained and was told I would be contacted in five days, but this did not happen.

YOU contacted me after finding I reported a similar problem last October. Then, the company admitted it was to blame, saying in 2021 it had transferred its policy administration services to a new system. This transfer of 470,000 records was not completely successful, meaning some values had to be calculated manually, which led to a backlog. However, this should not have blocked your payment. It told me: ‘The example of Ms M is particularly unfortunate as we should have paid this claim in July 2022.’ It has now paid you the £31,571, plus £748 interest, with a further £700 as an apology. You are investing this for your daughter’s teenage son.

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