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Don’t buy his and her books, Abbey …use the library!

Although I think it is quite sweet that Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy, and Gyles Brandreth and his wife, read the same books at the same time, as reported last week, I am a bit concerned at how much they throw their money around by buying duplicate copies of books which they will most likely never read again. Have they never heard of libraries? You can borrow books for free!

Diane Coulson, Newbury

I think it is lovely that Peter and Abbey read the same book at the same time. They can discuss it and it’s a shared interest that they both obviously enjoy. Good for them.

Ann Nugent, Wirral

I walk together daily with my darling husband for an hour or more listening to an Audible book on a little speaker. We also listen when we are in the car. Our biggest problem is choosing a book that we hope we both will like. When we finish, we each give our individual rating.

Carol Rose, London

My husband and I are in our 70s and much prefer to spend our evenings reading the same books together on our iPads. Our preference is Second World War historical novels, and we then talk about what we found most interesting in the storyline as well as discuss the author. As long as our eyes hold out, we will continue

to read. Then we will have to start thinking about audiobooks.

P. Ritchie, London

I love that Peter and Abbey read the same novels at exactly the same time. My husband isn’t a book reader, and I often think when I’m reading a really good one that I wish he would so I could talk to him about it, as you would a TV show.

W. Fox, Sunderland

In 1975, when we were expecting our first child, my husband and I were fighting to read the novel Cry ‘God For Glendower’ by Martha Rofheart. If I put it down he would dash to pick it up, and vice versa. Nathan was a charismatic character in the book, and we

agreed that it would be a lovely name if we had a son. Nathan it was then, and it caused quite a stir as it was rather unusual at the time.

Jacki Williams, Leigh, Greater Manchester

My husband and I both read books voraciously, but I like to read actual books while he reads on his Kindle. I belong to a book club in the retirement village that I live in and read in between the monthly chosen books. But I was disturbed to read that Gyles Brandreth threw his books away. I give mine to relations or friends.

Please recycle Gyles – don’t throw them away.

Marilyn Warlow, Bedford





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