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A hello can make your day

In response to Roger Dobson’s article last week about how chatting to strangers can boost our own happiness, our local residents have championed the initiative to engage in greeting other walkers by attaching posters to benches in Clyne Gardens, a jewel among Swansea’s parks. A school ran an art competition to design the posters, and it was deemed a huge success. Thank you for raising this awareness.

Richard Owen, Swansea

I say ‘Good morning’ to strangers all the time, but people look at me mostly as if I have horns. The way I see it, it’s nice to be nice and I love human contact.

Not everyone appreciates it, which is fine, but a happy hello could make the difference to someone’s day.

I received a wonderful smile from someone the other morning, and found that it cheered me up greatly.

P. Reyes, Edinburgh





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