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Boost your retirement lifestyle with equity release

The average UK home contains £222,526 worth of equity. You could join the thousands of homeowners each year who unlock some of this equity from their homes to help them live a better retirement.

The word ‘retirement’ may conjure up a variety of emotions for different people. For some it may bring the opportunity

Research from Age Partnership shows the different reasons why people have chosen to release tax-free cash from their homes.

Mortgage repayments

Repaying any standard mortgage is the single biggest objective for many, and is a condition of equity release. They could benefit from reducing their committed monthly expenditure, as with many equity release plans there’s no requirement to make regular monthly repayments.

Home improvements

Carrying out the home improvements that they will now have the time to enjoy the benefit of, as well as making any home of more free time to do the things they enjoy most, however others may worry because income is likely to be reduced in retirement.

This change can make you re-evaluate what’s important to you. Whether it’s staying in the home you love, making home improvements, going on dream holidays or giving gifts to your loved ones.

How are other people just like you using the tax-free money they unlock?

adaptions needed in order to continue living in their much-loved homes.

Helping family and friends

Twelve per cent of people choose to gift money to support with things such as helping family members onto the property ladder, pay for weddings or fund grandchildren through university.

Whatever your goals, equity release provides a range of options to suit you, including a lifetime mortgage, which is the most popular type of equity release for over-55s, meaning you continue to own your home while enjoying the equity built up in it.





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