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Drax woos the hacks as green activists smoulder


POWER station operator Drax has been struggling with its image for a while.

Its claims to be a green energy giant have come under increasing scrutiny from activists, who argue that its practice of burning wood pellets to produce electricity is anything but environmentally friendly. The PR crisis seems to have escalated to such an extent that the group is now asking hacks for help.

According to an email sent by Drax’s external affairs director Jonathan Oates, ‘a number of key journalists’ are being asked to fill out a survey to gauge the company’s reputation on Fleet Street.

The questionnaire asks what they think of Drax’s management and, notably, whether they think it is complying with its sustainability goals.

In an attempt to sweeten the deal, Drax is also offering a £100 donation for each survey that gets filled out, with the charity to be decided by the relevant hack.

Friends of the Earth, perhaps?

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