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Going away this winter?

Get the right insurance cover tailored for you

Are you sure you know what’s the right cover for you? With so many travel insurance policies available, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. You may be asked to choose between a single-trip policy or an annual policy, but what is the difference between the two?

Annual Multi-Trip

Annual travel insurance covers you for multiple trips throughout the year. Conveniently used by frequent travellers, it means there’s no need to buy separate cover every time you travel.

Annual policies can be better value for money. Depending on your age and destinations, it can work out cheaper to buy an annual policy than buying individual single-trip policies every time. That being said, one of the drawbacks is the limitation to the number of days you can travel for each trip.

Single Trip

For those people who don’t travel often and don’t want to pay for trips they might not take that year, then single-trip cover is right up their alley. Single trips give you more flexibility than an annual policy, allowing you to travel for longer.

You can take out a single-trip policy well in advance, sometimes up to 24 months before you start your trip. That way your policy will cover you for any unforeseen cancellations, and it’s great for holidays that tend to be booked way in advance.

On the down side, having the flexibility of a single trip usually means you may have to pay a little more for your policy.

What kind of cover do I need?

When deciding what cover to get, you may want to think about the following:

• How often you’ll be travelling

• How long you’ll be travelling for

• Your destination(s)

• Whether you have any activities planned during your travels

• Your budget

• Who needs to be covered for your trips – whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with family

• If you need optional extras like winter sports travel insurance or cruise cover

By giving these points some thought, you can be sure that your policy is the right fit for you and your travel plans.

That is where Staysure comes in. Join the millions of people who travel with us every year, customers who don’t let their age or medical conditions hold them back. So we won’t either. Our travel insurance is flexible so you can tailor your policy to suit you. We’ll cover most medical conditions and there’s no upper age limit.

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