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HIDDEN in the grid is the name of an actress. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name. SOLUTION TOMORROW

BOX 1: Tilda Swinton (pictured) won an Oscar for her performance in which of the following films? Michael Clayton (L)

I Am Love (M)

We Need To Talk About Kevin (A) BOX 2: Who wrote the

2001 children’s book Room On The Broom?

Judith Kerr (S)

Lauren Child (P)

Julia Donaldson (U)

BOX 3: Omophagia is the eating of what?

Raw meat (L)

Fish (W)

Insects (I)

BOX 4: The 2007 internet meme Rickrolling featured which of these famous Ricks? Rick Moranis (T)

Rick Astley (H)

Rick Wakeman (J)

BOX 5: If you are suffering from apathy, how are you feeling? Regretful (F) Indifferent (Y)

Physically sick (A)

BOX 6: Which of the following U.S. acts had a 1979 hit with the disco song Hot Stuff? Gladys Knight (O) Labelle (V) Donna Summer (E) BOX 7: Who wrote the 2018 novel The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle? Ali Smith (X) Stuart Turton (R)

Sally Rooney (E)

BOX 8: Which TV drama set in a secondary school was revived in 2023?

Waterloo Road (Z)

Grange Hill (B)

Ackley Bridge (A)

BOX 9: In which comedian’s web series does she take a celebrity on a Chicken Shop Date? Desiree Burch (N)

Fern Brady Bra (M)

Amelia D Dimoldenberg (I) Yesterd Yesterday’s answer:


(1B, 2E, 3E, 4G, 5O,

6R, 7O, 8G, 9Y).

Picture: PA





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